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Discovery of Anga Civilization : A Study | by Jeevan Jyoti Chakarawarti

 The Direction of Discovery of the Primeval 'Anga Civilization' :  A Study

 by Jeevan Jyoti Chakarawarti


A must read research article written by Mr. Jeevan Jyoti Chakarawarti, Research Fellow,  Department of History,  Sido Kanhu Murmu University, Dumka (Jharkhand) on the Archaeologist Pandit Anoop Kumar Bajpai's discovery of "Ang Civilization" and its establishment as the oldest civilization of the world  with authenticity on the basis of fossils found in Anga region and in order to discover this, set a new path and new archaeological parameters to the world. - The Editor

 English Version | Hindi Version

Angika News | वाजपेयी जी आपनै के 'विश्व की प्राचीनतम सभ्यता' किताब हमेशा हम्में आपनौ टेबुल पर साथें रखै छियै -  हेमंत सोरेन, मुख्यमंत्री, झारखंड | Angika.com

Pt. Anup Kr. Bajpai presenting his book ‘RAJMAHAL’ (Historical & Archaeological) to the Chief Minister Mr. Hemant Soren

There are plenty of fossils of various fauna in the area and on the other hand remains of the oldest civilization found underground in Jharkhand and Bihar of eastern India, once upon a time known as Anga, so how can the antiquity of this region be ignored in history?


Senior archaeologist of Dumka in Jharkhand, Pandit Anup Kumar Bajpai, who discovered the fossils and made it talk of the town, they seem to raise questions about the   ‘Era Index’ of researchers which is about origins of human beings and other animals on the earth.

For example, according to the recent books of geology, human originated 500000 years ago, on the other hand, Pandit Bajpai has collected here in addition to fossils of rice, gram, wheat, seeds of cucumber, pumpkin etc and  fossils of various types of vegetation in Santal Pargana division (which is a part of Anga region),  apart from this he found the footprints of humans present in fossil form on the stones here.


Ang Prasang | सुप्राचीन "अंग सभ्यता" की खोज की दिशा : एक अध्ययन | by जीवन ज्योति चक्रवर्ती  | Angika.com

Pandit Bajpai wrote in his book  ‘RAJMAHAL’ on page 21 depicting images of fossils of cereals and seeds published from the divisional Public Relation Office  in 2009 Santal Pargana, Dumka : -

    "A civilization was destroyed here and the stone age resumed .” 1

It has been told in this book that under which circumstances an ancient civilization was collapsed into the earth  written on the basis of historical and archaeological grounds.

    On the discovery made by Pandit Bajpai, on the page 8 of the book ‘RAJMAHAL’ under the title ‘DO SHABDA’, the Divisional Deputy Director of Public Relations Department (Santal Pargana, Dumka) Vijay Kumar wrote:


“Bajpai has roamed the forests and caves to have a bird’s eye view on the social and geographical horizon of Santhal Pargana, has gathered shreds of evidence. For future generations he believed the world is considered a slip of the ancient civilization of this region.” 2


Leaving this book, many senior officials, researchers, authors etc. have been affirming the discoveries explored by Pandit Bajpai for years that "an ancient civilization must be buried in the Anga region".  Seeing the importance of this important discovery, a senior officer named Shailendra Bhushan has mentioned in a letter to Bajpai : -

    "On the said discovery, historians will be helped in understanding the history of the place here and the history of Santal Pargana will get a new direction."  3


 Shailendra Bhushan wrote the letter as Additional Collector, Dumka on 17 May 2008, who has recently retired from the Indian Administrative Services.


Last April 22, 2010, Deputy Development Commissioner of Dumka, Upendra Narayan Oraon wrote in a citation by Pandit Bajpai mentioning "the remains discovered related to the Anga civilization:

   "The howling remains  render the evidence of an ancient civilization being buried in the region."  4


 Upendra Narayan Oraon has also retired from the Indian Administrative Services.

In the same episode, the opinion of Dr. Dharmendra Kumar, Assistant Archivist of Archaeological Survey of India, Northern Region, Lucknow, is also worth reading which is recorded in a visitor's register that possessed by  Pandit Bajpai.


 Dr. Dharmendra Kumar has mentioned in his citation:

    "I pray to God that you have a tendency to collect and curious people get an opportunity to quench their thirst."  5


The list of letters and citations recorded in the visitor’s register is long, in which it is not only that the discoveries have been highlighted, but also allegations have been made about how the evidence of the ancient civilization is destroyed.  Zoologist Dr Narayan Chandra Rooz, who has been living in Mumbai for a few years, has written in English language in the visitor’s  register: -


"Fossils collected by Mr Anup Kumar Bajpai jee seems to think that the area Santhal Pargana including Dumka, Deoghar, Pakur, Barharwa, Banka, Sahibgunj and Rajmahal ranges of hills which are being destroyed by the Government And Private agencies actually possess the great remains of a past history of not only human civilization but it too contains some more details (many of the understand mysteries of the evolution of life and various diversities). Axe and idol (made up of soil) and fossils of seeds are giving picture of the past  stone age."  6


Dr. Narayan Chandra Rooz recorded the above-mentioned lines on March 13, 1999, when he was a reader in the Department of Zoology under Santal Pargana College, Dumka.


At the same time Uma Shankar Pandit, the Chairman of the government-administered "Dumka Museum" wrote in his note on 30 March 1999:

 " I got a chance to visit local journalist and investigative researcher Mr. Anup Kumar Bajpai his residence in Naya Para. I saw the samples related to the historical and archaeological importance of this place collected by him while wandering through the forests of the Santal Parganas. Observing the shreds of evidence, I felt that obviously  the stone age civilization is buried in Santhal Pargana. On the basis of the historical and archaeological evidences of Santhal Pargana, the book which  is going to be published by Mr Bajpai , I wish that his book will prove to be very important for researchers in future. "  7

Ang Prasang | सुप्राचीन "अंग सभ्यता" की खोज की दिशा : एक अध्ययन | by जीवन ज्योति चक्रवर्ती  | Angika.com
     It is noteworthy that "Santal Pargana" is also called "Santhal Pargana", the name mentioned by  Dr. Narayan Chandra Rooz and Umashankar Pandit.
Ang Prasang | सुप्राचीन "अंग सभ्यता" की खोज की दिशा : एक अध्ययन | by जीवन ज्योति चक्रवर्ती  | Angika.com

The aforesaid citations show how long the researcher Pandit Anup Kumar Bajpai did a laborious and expensive task in finding the remains of the oldest civilization in the entire Anga region, including the Santal Parganas, referring to which he has mentioned at the beginning of  his book on page 10,   “VISHWA KI PRACHEENTAM SABHYATA”  published in 2018 from Samiksha Publication,Delhi/Muzaffarpur under title named ‘APNI BAAT’ :

 "Since childhood, I have been exploring and consdering the archaeology of this region, but for the last twenty-eight years completely."  8


It is further written on this page:

    "Whenever I have seen the remains and fossils of the oldest civilization coming out of the earth of this region and being ruined  always then tears spill in my eyes."  9


 It is notable that Pandit Bajpai is also a senior journalist.


 A letter written by Deputy Commissioner,Dumka Mastram Meena on 8th  April 2008 A.D. referring Letter no. 746/गो0 by title  "Journalist and archaeological explorer Anup Kumar Bajpai", on page number 349 of the same book : -

    "For the last twenty-one years, you have wandered through the mountains and forests of Santal-Pargana, searching for the historical materials which you have searched and found is a commendable work."  10


On the basis of above-mentioned facts and the book “VISHWA KI PRACHEENTAM SABHYATA”  when  I try to delve this area to get information related to archaeology and the oldest civilization-culture, then I am encountered with surprising mysteries.  From the palace of Sahibganj district not only to Dumka, but on the other hand, under the state of Bihar, many ancient remains found in the districts of the ancient Anga, which seem to be moving on to build a  world recognition.


 I believe the footprints of humans is the most important  located in a fossil form on the rock of a place called "Ghaghajor" in Dumka district among them which was discovered by Pandit Bajpai, which surprises and say that "We are the evidence oldest humans in the world".  I really feel the need to preserve it.  Apart from this, when I wish to know something else,  I find that many antiquities are present on the mountains and in forests which seem to be associated with the prehistoric period of this region, and then I find some newspapers of  22nd December 2020 A.D.  in which on an important statement given by Jharkhand’s Chief Minister Hemant Soren in Dumka, while being gifted two books by Pandit Bajpai.  On the next  day 23rd  December, in the prestigious daily newspaper "Prabhat Khabar" published from Deoghar, there was a news as follows:

 "Pandit Anup Kumar Bajpai presented his book 'RAJMAHAL' published from the Information and Public Relations Department to Chief Minister Hemant Soren along with his another book 'Angika-Khortha'. The Chief Minister said that books written by Bajpai are always on the table in front of him. By giving priority, he has directed the Tourism Development Department to save the antiquities of Santal Parganas including Rajmahal. The work will be witnessed from January onwards. The Rajmahal and other areas mentioned in the book will be developed as archaeological sites so that researchers and historians should come here. "  11


It is noteworthy that earlier in 2013, Sido Kanhu Murmu University, Dumka had taken an initiative to explore the historical and archaeological sites of Santal Parganas under a scheme to establish a museum in this university, but that plan could not be transformed into reality. At that time the Vice Chancellor of this university was Prof. Dr.M.Bashir Ahmed Khan who had a curiosity and expectancy. He was expected to cooperate with archaeologist Pandit Bajpai to give concrete shape to the plan. On his instructions in this regard, a request letter was sent to Dr. Amarnath Jha, Coordinator of "Santal Culture and Museum" of Sido Kanhu Murmu University, Dated February 25, 2013, the main things in it are as follows: -

    "Hon. Vice Chancellor S.K.M. University, Dumka has been pleased to direct me to write a letter to you to seek your services and expertise as an archaeologist for exploring the various historical and archaeological sites lying within the geographical jurisdiction of University in order to establish a  museum for the university.

 I am confident that your association with us as an advisor will prove to be an asset in making the initiative of the university a grand success. "12


Ang Prasang | सुप्राचीन "अंग सभ्यता" की खोज की दिशा : एक अध्ययन | by जीवन ज्योति चक्रवर्ती  | Angika.com

 Even though the initiatives taken by Pandit Bajpai did not materialize, many of his books were published during this period.  Among his three books, including the “VISHWA KI PRACHEENTAM SABHYATA”, he has  strongly pointed that an ancient civilization is buried in the Anga region including Santal Pargana. 


    Despite these all books, my sight points at the end only on the visitor register made by him,  I think it appropriate to quote another important citation written here.  The citation of  Srisnehi Director General of All India Angika Sahitya Manch, which he said on 1st  November 2000, is as follows: -

     "The activities of Sri Anup Kumar Bajpai, the eminent inebriate traveller of the expanded way of woodland are not only praiseworthy but imitable also, who has richly endowed the collection of the oldest fossil figures and civilization symbols of the Santal Parganas. There seems to be a need of economic support by the government for such a brilliant archaeological researcher so that affection of the soil can emerge and present a tile image of a strong nationality. "  13

Ang Prasang | सुप्राचीन "अंग सभ्यता" की खोज की दिशा : एक अध्ययन | by जीवन ज्योति चक्रवर्ती  | Angika.com

 The state of Jharkhand was separated from Bihar on 15th November, 2000, and the matter has passed. Now the new Sun of 2021 A.D.  is about to rise . Meanwhile the decision of the Chief Minister of Jharkhand Hemant Soren to save the antiquities and develop the archaeological sites, On the other hand, The Chief Minister of the state, Nitish Kumar, has started the conservation and promotion of the remains of civilization found in the part of Anga area located in Bihar.


In such a situation, the remains of ancient civilizations of the entire organ area, including the Santal Pargana, may prove to be no less than a boon for researchers in the future.



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 (13) A citation written by  Srisnehi,Director General,Akhil Bharatiya Angika Sahitya Mancha in the visitor's register of Pandit Anup Kumar Bajpai on 30th March 1999


The Direction of Discovery of the Primeval 'Anga Civilization' :  A Study

- Written by -

Jeevan Jyoti Chakarawarti

 Research Fellow, Department of History

  Sido Kanhu Murmu University, Dumka (Jharkhand)

 English Version | Hindi Version


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