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Angika Magazines

The “ Ang Madhuri” is the first monthly magazine of Angika language. “Ang Madhuri” is being published regularly by Shekhar Prakashan, Patna since last 48 years. Its first issue was published in December 1970. Dr. Naresh Pandey Chakore was the Founding Editor of this magazine since its inception up to Nov.,2015 till his sad demise on 14 Nov., 2015 . This magazine is on the verge of creating a history in the field of literary Hindi and languages of Bihar, for its continuous publication over such a long period.

However, "Angika” a quarterly was the pioneer of the magazines in Angika language, which was first published in October 1970. Dr. Permanand Pandey was Editor andDr.Naresh Pandey Chakore was the Managing Editor of this quarterly magazine. Unfortunately, only four issues of this magazine could be published.

The first weekly of angika language 'Angika Samachar' was published from Bhagalpur in the year 1964. It was closed after publication of few regular issues.

The first e-magazine of Angika “Ang – Prasang” is being published under the editorship of Kundan Amitabh .

Among others “ Aangi” and “ Aangi Prabha” both quarterly magazines under the editorship of Dr. Amrendra and another quarterly “ Uttarangi” under the editorship ofChandraprakash Jagpriya are considered to be the standard and well-reputed magazines of Angika.

The Magazines of Angika language published so far are alphabetically listed as follows:

•  Aangi (Quarterly): Editor- Dr. Amrendra . Contact Address: Lalkhan Dargah Len, Sarai,Bhagalpur,Bihar,India.

•  Ang Bhoomi (Quarterly): Editor- Vijay Kumar Singh . Contact Address: House no.-622, Sector-1C, Bokaro Steel City, Jharkhand, India.

•  Ang Dhara : Editor- Yogendra Koushal . Bhagalpur.

•  Ang Doot (Quarterly) : Editor- Shankar Prasad Shriniket . Katihar.

•  Ang Dhatri (Quarterly) : Ex Editor- Kumar Sambhav, Editor - Aniruddh Pd. Vimal . Banka.

•  Ang Gourav (Quarterly): Editor- Pradeep Prabhat .Godda,Jharkhand.

•  Ang Jyoti (Quarterly): Editor- Shrikant Vyas . Patna.

•  Ang Madhuri (Monthly): Ex Editor- Dr. Naresh Pandey Chakore . Contact Address- Boring Road (West), 59,Gandhinagar, Patna-800001,Bihar,India. Phone- +916122265538. Editor : Kundan Amitabh

•  Ang Phool : Editor- Dilvar . Munger.

•  Aangi Prabha (Quarterly): Editor- Dr. Amrendra . Contact Address: Lalkhan Dargah Len, Sarai,Bhagalpur,Bihar,India.

•  Ang Prasang (Monthly e – Magazine) : Editor- Kundan Amitabh, B-3/4, Kendriya Vihar, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai-410210, India. Contact No. +919869478444, Email: kundanamitabh@angika.com

•  Angpriya : Editor- Amod Kumar Mishra . Bhagalpur, Bihar, India.

•  Angraag : Editor- Dinesh Tapan . Bhagalpur,Bihar,India.

•  Ang Tahalua : Banka.

•  Ang Tarangini : Editor- Parshuram Thakur Brahmavadi . Munger,Bihar,India.

•  Angika (Quarterly): Editor- Dr. Permanand Pandey . Patna.

•  Angikaanchal : Editor- Dr. Ramesh Atmavishwas . Contact Address- Jaymangal Tola, Sahu Parbatta, Bhagalpur,Bihar,India.

•  Haalchaal (Quarterly): Phool Kumar Akela , Contact Address- Buddhuchak Road, Barmasia,Katihar,Bihar,India.

•  Kankangi : Editor: Vijeta Mudgalpuri , Munger,Bihar,India.

•  Katyayini : Editor: Kailash Jha Kinkar . Contact Address- Chitraguptanagar, Khagaria-851204, Bihar,India.

•  Purba : Editor: Dr. Ramdhari Singh “Kavyatirth” , Shambhuganj, Banka, Bihar,India.

•  Uttarangi (Quarterly): Editor- Chandraprakash Jagpriya . Contact Address- Police Inspector, Tekari Unit, P.O.+Thana- Tekari, Dist.- Gaya, Bihar, India.


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