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Angika Language

Angika Language Part - 1 *** Angika Language Part - 2

Angika Language (Part-2) - अंगिका भाषा (भाग -२)

Angika is considered as one of the  oldest languages of Hindi family. According to Pundit Rahul Sankritiyayan, the evidences of oldest form of written Hindi literatures are available in the Sarah’s Angika poetries of 800 A.D.

The first poet of Hindi literature, Saraha, was also the first poet of the Angika language and literature. Saraha belongs to the 8th century, and is the first poet whose poetry is available in written form.

Classification : Indo European – Indo Iranian – Indo Aryan – Eastern zone – Bihari – Angika

ISO 639-2 & ISO/DIS 639-3 Code for Angika Language : anp

Angika is written in the Anga Lipi, Kaithi, and Devnagri scripts.

Angika is among very few languages of India and world in which a Search Engine (Google-Angika) has been developed and is available for public use since 2004. Google Angika has been developed by Google Search Engine with the help of Mr. Kundan Amitabh.

Angika is a language of the Anga region of India, more than 58,000 km² area that falls within the states of Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal. Angika is spoken by more than 30 million of the Indian population ((As per 2001 Census and as per the statement given in Indian Parliament by Shri Subodh Roy Member of Parliament of India which is available in PARLIAMENTRY PROCEEDINGS ), and around 50 million worldwide.

Angika is spoken in 26 districts of Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal.

Angika is spoken in most of the Metros of India like Mumbai, Delhi, Calcutta, and Bangalore.

Angika is also spoken in most of the industrial cities of India like Durgapur, Vadodara, Surat, Patna, Ranchi, Jamshedpur, Bokaro and other parts of the country.

Angika is also spoken in Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Malaysia, and other Southeast Asian countries. Besides this, a sizeable Angika speaking population migrated in other countries such as the Gulf, United States and the United Kingdom.

Angika is closely related to Bengali, Oriya, and Assamese. It is grouped in with the Bihari languages (including Bhojpuri, Magahi, Maithili and Vajjika). Angika is highly intelligible with other Bihari languages.

Angika may be correlated with the Cham Language of Combodia, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, and China. As Cham is the language of the Cham people of Southeast Asia, and formerly the language of Champa in central Vietnam. Champa is one of the oldest colonies of Southeast Asia, which had been established by the inhabitants of Anga Mahajanapada of Ancient India around 2000 years ago.

There exists an independent web portal for the Angika language and literature, angika.com. which is fully devoted to Angika language. Angika.com is available in English and Angika languages. Angika website angika.com was designed and developed by  Kundan Amitabh in the year 2003.

Angika was called as Chikka-Chiki by George GA Grierson in one of the Linguistic Survey of India. Various alternate names for Angika language are used: Anga, Aangi, Angikar, Chhika-Chhiki, Bhagalpuri, Apbhramsa, Bihari.

Dialects of Angika include : Deshi, Dakhnaha, Mungeria, Devgharia, Gidhhoria, Dharampuria, Khortha, Khotta, Surjapuri, Surajpuria.

Number of programmes in Angika language are broadcasted from Patna and Bhagalpur Radio stations. Similarly, number of programmes in Angika language are telecast from Patna Doordarshan time to time.

Angika Demography

Angika Speaking Districts of Southern Bihar

Bhagalpur District, Munger District, Banka District, Lakhisarai District, Jamui District and Sheikhpura District are the Angika speaking districts of southern Bihar.

Angika Speaking Districts of Northern Bihar

Katihar District, Purnia District, Khagaria District, Begusarai District, Saharsa District, Madhepura District, Araria District, Kishanganj District and Supaul District are the Angika speaking districts of northern Bihar.

Angika Speaking Districts of Jharkhand

Sahebganj District, Godda District, Dumka District, Deoghar District, Pakur District and Giridih District, Hazarbagh District, Bokaro District  are the Angika speaking districts of Jharkhand

Angika Speaking Districts of West Bengal

Malda District , North Dinajpur District, Murshidabad District, Birbhum District are the Angika speaking districts of West Bengal.

Angika Speaking Area of Nepal

Angika is also spoken in Tarai region of Nepal.

Angika Speaking Countries of South-East Asia

Combodia, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia and others.

Angika Speaking Area of Elsewhere

A large number of Angika speakers have migrated to the Persian Gulf, the United Kingdom , the United States, Canada and other countries. Also a substantial portion of the Angika-speaking population has settled elsewhere in India, mainly in Punjab, Mumbai, Delhi, Calcutta, Baroda, Surat, Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Jamshedpur, Durgapur, Rourkela, and Bokaro etc.

Angika Language Part - 1 *** Angika Language Part - 2

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