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About Angika.com

Angika.com is committed to provide free of cost services for the development of Ang and Angika.
Angika.com is a non commercial & volunteer based project.  No one is paid anything for the work or service.
The cost of running this project since its inception in 2003 is being borne by the Founder Kundan Amitabh.
Angika.com is dedicated for the conservation and development of Angika Language in particular and overall cultural development of Angika Language region of India in general. 

Angika Language is one of the most ancient languages of the world. It has its own Lipi (writing script) - Ang Lipi since ancient time. 

Angika Language is primarily used by 6 crores Indians in India. Besides it is also used in Nepal, Combodia, Vietnam, Laos, Mauritius. 

Within India Angika Language is used in 26 districts of Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal States. 

A large numbers of Angika Language Speakers also found in Metro cities Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkatta and other parts of India as migrants.

Dialects of Angika include : Chikka-Chiki, Dehati, Deshi, Dakhnaha, Mungeria, Devgharia, Gidhhoria, Dharampuria, Khortha, Khotta, Surjapuri, Surajpuria, Thethi.

Angika Language Districts of  Bihar: Bhagalpur, Munger, Banka, Lakhisarai , Jamui , Sheikhpura, Katihar, Purnia, Khagaria, Begusarai,Saharsa, Madhepura , Araria, Kishanganj,Supaul .

Angika Language Districts of Jharkhand: Sahebganj, Godda, Dumka, Deoghar, Pakur,Giridih,Hazaribagh, Bokaro.

Angika Language Districts of West Bengal: Malda , North Dinajpur, Murshidabad, Birbhum, Purulia.

अंगिका.कॉम म॑ प्रकाशन लेली स्वरचित अंगिका रचना -  कहानी, कविता, संस्मरण,आरू साहित्यिक, सांस्कृतिक, सामाजिक गतिविधि के समाचार आदि  ई-मेल या वाट्सएप स॑ भेजऽ ।

ई-मेल: angika@angika.com
मो. / वाट्सएप : 9869478444

रचना सथ॑ आपनऽ फोटो आरू संक्षिप्त जीवनी जरूर भेजऽ । साहित्यिक, सांस्कृतिक, सामाजिक गतिविधि के समाचार सथ॑ फोटो भेज॑ सकऽ त॑ जादे अच्छा ।

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