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In this section you will find the people who have contributed their whole life to enhance Angika grow as a world level language and literature. You can click over their names to know more about them.

Till date total number of writers in Angika = 600.(Approx.). They have created hundreds of books and thousands of articles, details of which shall be available on this site very shortly. Name of such devoted persons are given in the following list in alphabetical order. You can click over the link  to get the related list of poets and authors and to know more about them.

Angika Literature today means literature produced by Poets and Authors of Angika language beginning in the ancient past to what is written today. The rich tradition of Angika literature spans a probable minimum period of about 1300years(When it is counted from 800A.D. when first clear evidence of availability of Sarah's written form of literature in Angika or Apbhramsha is found)to a probable maximum period of 4000years (When it is counted from the year when the first Indian literature in Vedic Sanskrit was found to be existed).This period may be longer than the supposed one.

Authors and Poets of Angika may be categorized mainly in two groups:

(A)  Ancient Period to Pre-independence era
(B)  Post-independence era

(A) Ancient Period to Pre-independence era Authors and Poets :

      Period 800 A.D. : Saraha or Sarahpa,Shabrapa or Shabreshwar.
      Period 900 A.D. : Charptipa or Pachreepa,Dhampa or Dhrmpa or Gundripa, Mekopa.
      Period 1000 A.D. : Deepankar Shrigyan Atish (Birth year :980 AD)
      Period 1100 A.D. : Champkapa, Chelukapa, Jayanantpa(Jayanandipa), Nirgunpa, Luchikapa.
      Period 1200 A.D. : Putulipa.
      Period 1700 A.D. : Kifayat (Shekh).
      Period 1800 A.D. : Jagganath(Jagarnath Ram), Vedanand Singh.

(B) Post independence era Authors and Poets:
      Up to date total number of such writers in Angika are around 600.
      Name of such devoted persons are listed here in alphabetical order.
     They have created hundreds of books and thousands of articles, details
     of which are available on this site elsewhere.

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